1582 Pecan Dr. Brownfield, Texas 79316
(806) 891-1540
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Latest reviews for Fulford Barn Wedding Venue 5/5.0 stars (6 reviews)

What a wonderful place for a wedding! The wedding of Josh and Lindsey was amazing! The venue and all the staff was such a blessing to us! I would recommend this location for your wedding! Thanks again for all you did to make this wedding a wonderful memory for our family!
The venue, the staff... thier hospitality was phenomenal. I was blown away by this beautiful Texas gem. It reminded me of The Secret Garden. The wedding I attended was executed with so my class. They were prompt and thorough. Both coordinators were very friendly and took great care of the wedding party and guests. I highly recommend this location for your wedding!
Attended a friends wedding and everything was amazing.. From decor to food ... Beautiful place!
It's a magical place for dreams to come true!!!
Definitely the BEST I've experienced. I will HIGHLY recommend to everyone that this is the place to have the PERFECT WEDDING.
Fulford barn is one of the most beautiful venues you will find in West Texas! It is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Gorgeous scenery. Wonderful people. Every little detail was absolutely perfect. Laura and Pam are the sweetest ladies and extremely wonderful to work with. I had very little stress while planning my wedding because these ladies were so helpful and understanding. Brenda, the caterer, did an amazing job. The food and cakes were fantastic! Fulford barn is worth every penny! I would highly recommend this venue for anyone wanting a fairytale wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting. This venue is a dream come true!

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